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When Stanka’s father passes away, the poor seamstress doesn’t have the money for the funeral. She turns for help to the institutions, but they refuse to cooperate. With her back against the wall, Stanka makes a surprising decision to deal with the situation.

MARTIN DANGOV has made the films A Visiting Day, short, 2015; Not/Still Life, doc., 2014; Tales from the Pirin, doc, 2013; The Spirit of Palm Sunday, doc. observation, 2013; Autumn, doc. observation 2012

Bulgaria, 2017, 14 min
Script: Martin Dangov
Director: Martin Dangov
Cinematography: Preslav Belev
Music: Joana Petrova
Cast: Miroslava Gogovska, Ivan Terziev
Production: Martin Dangov
Co-production: Krastio Lambev – Concept studio
With the support of: The Non-conformist alternative, Screening emotions, Cultural centre G8
Contact: mr.kalabaluk@abv.bg