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A village doctor who treats his patients in unusual but effective way, with classical music, decides to visit his cousin whom he hasn’t seen for a long time.

ALEXANDER YANEFF is an editing trainee in Audiovideo Orpheus, a director and DP of the song Doubleganger: Recreate the Sun, writer and director of the short Diagnosis, production coordinator of the short Malice, production coordinator of the first ever acting exam shot live with 3 cameras throughout FilmForge. a centre for vocational training.

Festivals & Awards
International Red Cross Film Festival Varna – Best Debut Award 2015

Bulgaria, 2015, 16 min
Script: Alexander Yaneff
Director: Alexander Yaneff
Cinematography: Gabriel Galchev
Music: Christian Ivanov
Cast: Plamen Sirakov, Miroslav Kosev, Alexandra Petrova
Production: Vetrogon and Gepard – Angel Galchev
Co-production: Pavel Pavlov
With the support of: Audiovideo Orpheus
Contact: https://tr.bivol.bg/view.php?eik=202392513, plsbemyguest@abv.bg