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A love triangle that is only possible in a variable space and time.

MARIETA PETCHANSKA is a director of several short films and music videos. She also creates interactive audiovisual films. Her work is characterised by versatility and experimentation in narrative forms and techniques. She is the author of the project Conscious Cinema. She has graduated in Film Studies in Madrid, Spain.

Bulgaria, the Netherlands, 2017, 27 min
Script: Marieta Petchanska
Director: Marieta Petchanska
Cinematography: Dimitar Nedelchev
Music: Ivo Paunov, Gents
Cast: Kristina Kulish, Galin Naidenov, Lubomir Simeonov
Production: Marieta Petchanska
Co-production: Denis Mujovic
With the support of: Varna Municipality Culture Fund
Contact: misipet@hotmail.com