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Rumen was born in Syria, where his mother was killed after his birth. He grew up in Bulgaria, raised by his father Bogdan. He wants to study at the Police Academy. Two days before the entrance exam, Rumen is involved in a quarrel between his best friend and a Syrian refugee. Half-Syrian and half-Bulgarian, Rumen faces a difficult choice.

BOYA HARIZANOVA is the author of three short documentaries: The Expectation, One Day of the Life of Deacon John, Jesus and two short feature films: Birthday and Love. Love won 12 international awards at festivals in Sapporo, Japan; Pula IFF, Croatia; SoIndependent, Sofia; Special Mention at Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival, etc.

Bulgaria, 2017, 28 min
Script: Boya Harizanova
Director: Boya Harizanova
Cinematography: Viktor Roev
Music: Ivo Ignatov
Cast: Haled Kanhush, Yazan Hakim, Tammam Hakim, Georgi Gotsin, Dimitar Selenski, Nikolai Vichev, Nikolai Ivanov
Production: NATFA
Co-production: Creative Box Studio Ltd
Contact: pharizanov@gmail.com, Petar Harizanov