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A story about love and hate, about fear, death and an ancient curse. A story about Mihail and the love of his life, Lilith, a love that reveals to him a dark secret as old as time.

Filmography: Monster Under the Bed (2017); Lilith (2017); Plush (2013) – Early Bird 9 and New Wave SFF; In Some Other Life (2012); Inception (2012) – Jameson Done in 60 Seconds; Whisper (2011); In the Shadows (2011); In Time (2011) – Jameson Done in 60 Seconds

Bulgaria, 2017, 16 min
Script: Plamen Marinov
Director: Stela Ivanova
Cinematography: Angel Balakchiyski
Music: Boyan Angelov, Ivan Manov
Cast: Alexandra Genkova, Ivaylo Valeriev Asparuhov, Antoaneta Palazova, Alex Ivanov, Ivan Manov, Victor Andreev, Ivan Ivanov
Production: NoBlink
Co-production: Stela Ivanova
With the support of: NoBlink Ltd, New Bulgarian University, Nu Boyana Film, Club of Architects, Sofia, Atelier Plastelin, Casting Agency Twenty-four, Slavyanska Beseda Hotel, Construction Company BG
Contact: http://noblink.media/site/, stella.ivanova.bg90@gmail.com