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For an upcoming athletics race, talented Kaloyan gets new sneakers from his coach. A child from the orphanage, where he lives, steals them. Kaloyan is determined to bring them back and go to the race no matter what it takes. But to do so, he has to go through many obstacles.

KRASIMIR KALUSHEV (31) graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Economics, Varna (2009). He worked several years in the sphere of marketing, PR and journalism. In 2015, he began his studies in Film Directing at NATFA.

Bulgaria, 2017, 14 min
Script: Viktotiya Dimitrova, Krasimir Kalushev
Director: Krasimir Kalushev
Cinematography: Alexander Dobrev
Cast: Kaloyan Lalov, Aladin Aliibrahim
Production: NATFA
Contact: http://natfiz.bg, natfiz.foreign.dep@gmail.com