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Alex’ girlfriend left him without an explanation, and now he is trying to find out what the reason is by asking his closest people. As the conversations with them progress, we see him as kind-hearted, but ultimately very annoying and invasive. He never understands the way he alienates people, although it is clear for everybody else.

ELENA TONCHEVA was born in 1994. She graduated from the Classical Lyceum, Sofia. In 2014 she began her studies in Film and TV Directing at NATFA. She is the director of the short documentaries 10 to 10 and The Hole, and the short fiction film Block, receiving national and international awards.

Bulgaria, 2017, 12 min
Script: Trendafil Dimitrov
Director: Elena Toncheva
Cinematography: Marin M. Marinov
Cast: Vladimir Zombori, Valentin Tanev, Maria Statulova, Tsveta Doycheva
Production: NATFA, Stanislav Semerdjiev
Contact: natfiz.foreign.dep@gmail.com