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A lonely messenger is getting more and more into the stories he reads from the long-lost yellowed letters. His friend tries to snatch him out of it, but who knows whether he will succeed or not…

ANDREY KOULEV is a film director, screen writer, artist; graduated from NATFA with a M.A. in Film Directing; member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers; Art Director of WFAF, Varna.
Short films: The Nights Of A Lonely Messenger, The House; animations: Fishes, Swimmers, Boats; Love With Occasional Showers; The Piano Player; The Line; The River, etc.

Bulgaria, 2017, 20 min
Script: Nikolai Grozni
Director: Andrey Koulev
Cinematography: Svetla Ganeva
Music: Ivo Stoyadinov Charlie
Cast: Kitodar Todorov, Naso Ruskov, Sibila Serafim
Production: Koulev Film Production
Co-production: Chouchkov Brothers; Doli Media Studio
With the support of: Bulgarian National Film Center
Contact: www.koulevfilm.com, africatea@yahoo.com