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Distressed by the oppressive environment he lives in and by the arising problems, Ivan finds support in his friendship with Kala. But when the latter puts an end to his life, Ivan loses touch with reality and hides in the basements of the block where he discovers that he has new abilities and new friends.

SIMEON SOKEROV was born in 1977. Master of Animation Directing (NATFA, 2002) and Film and Theatre Directing (NATFA, 2017). Lead animator and director of animation and gambling advertising films. Writer/director of the short animated film Directions.

Bulgaria, 2017, 28 min
Script: Simeon Sokerov
Director: Simeon Sokerov
Cinematography: Emiliyan Atansov
Music: Simeon Sokerov
Cast: Blagoy Boychev, Stefan Mavrodiev, Stoyan Shivarov, Nadya Savova, Nina Tzoncheva
Production: Retrostyle
With the support of: NATFA
Contact: retrostyle@abv.bg