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Sofia at night, quiet neighbourhood, an old house. A young man and his pregnant girlfriend are committing a robbery. Things get out of control, there’s somebody in the house. Are the valuable paintings the only reason they are robbing precisely this house?

Filmography: Fairy Tales About Physics, TV show, 2001–2007; Hello, Mr. Jasmin, TV show, 2008–2009; Yellow Dog, short, 2012; Lyuben Zidarov’s Magic Mirror, doc., 2014; Daga: Stories In Pictures, doc., 2016

Bulgaria, 2017, 27 min
Script: Maria Nikolova
Director: Maria Nikolova
Cinematography: Wojciech Todorow
Cast: Vasil Banov, Martina Peneva, Alexander Uzunov
Production: Four Hands ltd – Sotir Gelev, Penko Gelev
Contact: gekkon@datacom.bg