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Minko, a radio journalist, is in his native village to see his mother. Unexpectedly, the ulcer disease that he has starts to cause him severe pains. On top of that, early in the morning he is awoken by a mosque loudspeaker.
Is rage stronger than reason? How do we perceive others and ourselves? Why do we always forget the force that drives us forward?

ALBENA PUNEVA is a television and film director. Her main topics are young people, Bulgarian spirituality, the democracy values and changes during the transition period.
Snails is her debut feature.

Bulgaria, 2017, 25 min
Script: Krassimir Krumov – Grez
Director: Albena Puneva
Cinematography: Christo Bakalov
Music: Mariana Valkanova, sound designer
Cast: Ivan Iurukov, Maria Kavardjikova, Stefan Denoliubov, Nadia Savova
Production: Elips Projects Ltd – Vassil Marekov
With the support of: Bulgarian National Film Center
Contact: vgmarekov@gmail.com