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Is it a Dream or Reality what is between us? Do we really meet or we are all alone? In fact, we are just kids, following the marks from the childhood.

YOSIF ASTRUKOV Filmography: Look in The Eye, fic.; Prague 18, fic.; We, doc.; Jam Session doc.; and the shorts: A…; Water; Escape Yourself; Fight. In 2012 published the book Video Dance. PETYA STOYKOVA is choreographer of Dune Dance Company from Bulgaria. In 1998, she directed the short dance movie The Fish Globe.

Bulgaria, 2017, 9 min
Script: Petya Stoykova, Yosif Astrukov
Directors: Petya Stoykova, Yosif Astrukov
Cinematography: Yosif Astrukov
Music: Дъ Рейдио/d_rradio
Cast: Radoslav Yordanov, Zhana Pencheva, Elena Georgieva, Milen Petrov , Eliza Kancheva, Petya Stoykova, Raya Chakarova
Production: Dance BG association Petya Stoykova
With the support of: Cultural co-funding program, Burgas municipality, Рhotosynthesis, State Opera – Burgas, BarBossa, Burgasbus Ltd, Hotel Bulgaria, Hotel Fotinov
Contact: studio_dune@abv.bg