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Jean has a crush on his workmate, Dian, who never shows much interest in him. He makes his best to catch her attention but to no avail. Finally, he decides to attend classes on how to pick up women, mastering Don Juan’s lost art of seduction.

GEORGI KOSTOV is the director of Pistol; Briefcase and Three Stinking Barrels, 2012; Sex Academy: Men, 2017

Bulgaria, 2017, 97 min
Script: Georgi Kostov
Director: Georgi Kostov
Cinematography: Kaloyan Bojilov
Music: Svilen Nachev
Cast: Ivo Arakov, Dimo Alexiev, Diliana Popova, Elena Boeva, Niki Sotirov, Krasimira Demirova
Production: Media Production Georgi Kostov
Contact: kostovgd@gmail.com