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Tony, though an 8-year-old, will participate at the National Science Festival with his experimental mouse Marie Curie. His neighbour, Raya, also an 8-year-old, wants to help the school bully Stefan to pass the math exam. Tony refuses to cooperate. Marie Curie is kidnapped, the ballet performance of the school failed gloriously, yet a new friendship was born.

ANDREY HADJIVASILEV was born in 1985. In 2004 he graduated at Photography high school. He holds a B.A. degree in Directing and a M.A. degree in Producing. In 2009 he majored at FAMU, Prague. Andrey directed the first Bulgarian 3D-Stereo documentary Steps in the Fire, as well as many TV commercials and music videos.

Bulgaria, 2017, 50 min
Script: Sabina Ivanova and Plamena Velkovsky
Director: Andrey Hadjivasilev
Cinematography: Bojidar Simeonov
Music: George Strezov
Cast: Martin Paunov, Zornitsa Ivanova, Ivet Mitova, Nikoleta Maneva, Yasen Kadiev, Ilina Agova, Mila Bancheva, Nadejda Savova, Lora Mutisheva, Tanya Kojuharova, Nikolay Varbanov, Julian Malinov
Production: Incoms Project – Plamen Yordanov
Co-production: Andrey Hadjivasilev
With the support of: Sofia Municipality, Sofia district Mladost, Meblik, The Palace of Happy People, Joy & Grand Optics, Roobar, Ciela, Haldigital97, ABC Design and Communications, New Generation Arts
Contact: office@revivevision.com