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Six friends find a subterranean cave. There they begin to hear voices, see things, evoking memories of their daily lives… The way out caves in. Tension escalates when they see the Blue Light illuminating all the lies and betrayals hidden behind their fake friendship…

Filmography: 6 Plus 1 (In The Mind; 2016, Lucas Masciano Between The Stars And The Earth, 2014; Michael the Archangel, short, 2013; Shores of Hope, short, 2013; At Home, short, 2012; Sing Your Heart, 2008; Petrol in The Blood, short, 2008; Rhodopian Stories, short, 2008; Miracle Workers, short, 2006; The 40 Holy Martyrs, short, 2005; They Are Amongst Us, short, 2004

Festivals and Awards
International Film Festival Nice 2016 – 4 nominations.

Bulgaria, 2016, 91 min
Script: Lachezar Petrov
Director: Lachezar Petrov
Cinematography: Rumen Vasilev
Music: Ivo Ignatov
Cast: Ioanna-Isabella Varbanova, Mirella Karabancheva, Anastasiya Levordashka, Galin Naidenov, Teodor Sofroniev, Ahmed Iumer, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Albena Koleva
Production: TL MEDIA
With the support of: Eco Aqua Sistems, Via Verde, Mr. Bricolage, Avanti, Trim, Astral Holidays, Harley Davidson, Great Wall, Velevi Pharma, Desislava Racheva
Contact: www.tlmedia-bg.com, tlmedia.petroff@gmail.com